We want your stay to be memorable



Concierge-deluxe is a full service company for the International business traveler, who is visiting Amsterdam or elsewhere in The Netherlands for a business event, conference or trade show at for instance the RAI Convention Center.  We are experts in providing fully personalized programs for all your events, unique hotel, apartment, houseboat, dining and specialty meeting locations (private or else), spousal programs, transportation (VIP or else) and more. 

In other words, we can arrange a customized program around your business or personal activities in Amsterdam or elsewhere in The Netherlands and make it fit to any budget. We are not a travel agency but a Concierge service that wants to make your stay in The Netherlands not only successful but also memorable. That is why we are not arranging your airline travel since we know you have that worked out with your favorite airline or by your assistant. We know you will be fully occupied with the arrangements of your business event, so let us handle the destination part of your trip.   


Please inform us of your wish list and budget and we will come back to you as soon as possible with a proposal and options you can choose from. We will work closely with you to make everything suitable to your requirements and needs.