About Us

Simone Leland​

Simone Leland is the Owner and Managing Partner of Concierge-deluxe. With our associates in The Netherlands/Europe, we have a long standing experience in the travel and airline industry with many connections and contacts, which makes us your preferred choice to take care of your arrangements for your next business event, conference or trade show in Amsterdam or elsewhere in The Netherlands.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, for over 10 years, Simone was a Personal Assistant to Executive Management of Martinair Holland (“the other Dutch airline”), which is now wholly owned by KLM.  She moved to the US and still worked on a freelance basis for the airline, including KLM. Based in the New York area for over 15 years now, she has the combined knowledge and understanding of the US as well as the Dutch business practice and requirements.

She is fluent in Dutch and English.